October 2015

5 Common Drain Cleaning Problems

Remember or ever read Murphy’s Law? Murphy’s Law, simply stated, goes like this: when something can go wrong, it probably will.

While the book, first published in 1977, was written about corporate America, it applies equally well to any drain or sewer line on the planet. And while you may not be overly concerned about a drain line halfway around the world, you most certainly are concerned about those in and under your home.

When a problem occurs, very often you can fix it yourself. A quick trip to the hardware store, a few aggressive plunges or snakings, a little boiling hot water for good measure and, just like that, life can go on as usual. But not always. Sometimes, you really do need professional help, and here are five such examples.

blogSlow Drains

If a bathroom sink is draining slowly, it’s easy to assume that hair and soap build-up is the cause. And often you’d be right. If the problem is in your kitchen sink, it’s equally reasonable to assume that congealed grease has built up to the point where water and food particles can no longer zip right past it. And again, you very well could be right. And yet there’s an even greater chance that you’re wrong, and that the slow moving drain has an entirely different cause, such as root invasion in underground drains, improper grading, a bad drain pipe connection, and so on. Go ahead and give it a shot, but if the problem persists, call in a professional before things get any worse.

Recurring Clogs

Speaking of hair, there’s nothing quite like it to cause a recurring clog, the kind you’re most likely to bump into in your tub, shower, or bathroom sink. If, after removing the hair, you find the drain clogging up again a little too quickly for your liking, it’s clear that you didn’t get rid of all of it. To save yourself the recurring hassle, contact a pro.

More than One Clogged Drain at the Same Time

If multiple drains clog up at the same time, that indicates a clog in your main drainage system rather than in one or more individual fixtures. Once again, that would be a clog that only a skilled drain technician can get rid of – for good.

Icky Odors

Most home owners don’t need much prodding to call in a plumber when their house starts smelling like a Port O’ Potty. What can cause such unpleasantness? Pollutants trapped inside a drain line or perhaps even a broken sewer pipe. The latter is probably the case if the odors are coming from more than one drain at a time.

Water Flooding

Let’s say you have a toilet or sink that’s overflowing right now. Before you do anything else – including calling us! – do your best to shut off the fixture’s water valve or your home’s main water valve. That will stop the flow of water and allow cooler heads and more rational judgment to prevail.

Once again, we’re not trying to discourage you from attempting to break up the clog on your own. But if you do need help, Boden Plumbing is here to provide it. And that you can count on, every single day of the week, for any clogged drain problem at all.

Why Are My Pipes Banging?

Your plumbing is capable of such a variety of sounds and from all kinds of sources and for all kinds of reasons, it’s enough to drive a grown home owner crazy. Those most likely to be driven crazy by the cacophonous symphony, however, are those who ignore the sounds hoping they’ll just go away.

We are here to tell you that, under most circumstances, when your plumbing starts making noises, it most assuredly is trying to tell you something, and usually that something is “Fix me!” Which means ignoring the noises is exactly the wrong thing to do if you truly want them to cease and desist.

blogOne unpleasant plumbing-related sound can best be described as a loud banging noise coming from your pipes. This is known to the plumbing community as “water hammer” and, if you’ve ever heard it, you know exactly why.

The most common form of water hammer comes from a faucet being turned on or shut off, although the sharp banging noise can come from any of your pipes. Water hammer also produces a ticking sound that frequently can be heard all over your house.

The point is, if you ever hear any odd noises that you suspect or know are coming from your plumbing, contact Boden Plumbing right away. Ignoring it could lead to one or more burst pipes and water damage to your home. Water hammer also can damage appliances, including your fridge, dishwasher, and water heater.

Instead, we’ll come out to your house, diagnose the symptoms, locate the cause of the problem, and then give you a guaranteed upfront price to get it fixed. And all with our 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We also can offer you solutions for avoiding water hammer in the future.