Air Conditioning

Is Your AC System Making You Sick?

Every AC season, people from all over the country rush off to their primary care physician or the nearest walk-in medical facility complaining that their AC system is making them sick. Even if they’re right, they’re wrong.

You see, by itself, your AC system literally does nothing more than remove hot air from your home, thus providing the cooling relief we all crave. But unless it’s well taken care of, your system can and most likely will attract and nourish all kinds of elements that will make you sick. These include bacteria, dust, dirt, pesticides, mold, mildew, and a host of other common indoor air pollutants.

But you can’t SEE any of that stuff, so you blame your poor, defenseless AC system.

blogHere’s an alternative suggestion for anyone accustomed to feeling aches and pains when your home AC system is running. Contact Boden Plumbing, Heating & Air to request our AC cleaning and inspection service. Ours is a multi-step process that covers your system inside and out. If, once your system is thoroughly cleaned and you find the problem persists, then we’ll talk to you about adding a whole-house indoor air quality system into the mix to remove all those factors that continue to make your life at home miserable.

Here’s another suggestion. If your air ducts haven’t been cleaned within the past four years, it’s time. Because that’s the favorite hiding place of indoor air pollutants your ducts simply aren’t able to clean themselves.

In the meantime, why not contact Boden today for AC cleaning and inspection service, especially if it’s been a year or more since service was last performed. No, we’re not doctors, but we can rid your home of what’s ailing you.

How to Lower Your Home Cooling Costs.

There’s nothing like coming in from the summer heat to a cool, comfortable home. Until the electricity bill comes, that is. Then maybe, despite the indoor cool, you find yourself getting a little hot under the collar and wondering what on earth you can do to air condition your home without having to sacrifice an arm, leg, or anything else that matters.

Well, don’t get mad, get busy saving energy around the house.  And here are 8 simple ways to help you do just that:

  1. blogUnplug appliances and electronics when not in use, which continue to draw energy when plugged in even if they’re turned off.
  1. Make the switch to LED lights, even just one room at a time. LED lights stay cool to the touch, and thus don’t add any heat to your indoor environment.  Plus, they consume far less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs.
  1. Keep the blinds, shades, and curtains closed during peak daylight hours, especially on hot, sunny days.
  1. Install programmable thermostats and pre-set them to higher than-than-normal temperatures during those hours when your house is empty.
  1. Stay hydrated and wear clothing made of breathable fibers like cotton.
  1. Avoid using the oven on those super-hot days. Consider using a slow-cooker, grilling, or simply enjoying your favorite pizza or salad for dinner.
  1. Run large appliances, like the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer at night or first thing in the morning, and remember to run them only when you have a full load. For even greater energy savings, try line drying your clothes.
  1. Seal gaps around your doors, windows, the areas where walls and ceiling meet, and around electrical outlets. The idea is to prevent cool air from escaping outdoors or into your attic.

Ready to save even more money on your home cooling costs?  Then contact Boden Plumbing, Heating & Air today to schedule our AC cleaning and inspection service.  It’s a service you should have performed once a year not just to keep your energy costs in line, but for improved system performance and a longer lifespan.


When Should I Replace My AC System in Petaluma and Santa Rosa?

blogIn a perfect world, the answer would be “never.” Never, because you would have an AC system that just ran and ran and ran, and took good care of itself along the way.

So much for that perfect world scenario.

Still, as imperfect as they might be, today’s better made and well maintained air conditioning systems have an estimated shelf life of 15-20 years. Can yours last even longer than that? Sure it can, but if you live in your house long enough, sooner or later you’re going to have to replace it.

Some people do that proactively by keeping a close watch on the age of the system and rising energy costs. Because even if you do have your system properly serviced every year, it’s not going to give you the same energy efficiencies in year 12, for example, as it did in the early goings.

But let’s say you want a better, more concrete reason to replace yours. Something that says “trouble is brewing, and I may not be much longer for this earth.” Or symptoms to that effect. Well, if you’re a sign watcher, then here’s what to watch out for besides age and rising energy costs:

  • Frequent and increasingly more costly repairs. What you pay $200 to have your system repaired if you had reason to believe it would run “just fine” after that? Of course you would. But how about $500, $1,000, or even $1,500? In other words, what’s the point when you say “enough is enough,” and finally decide your money is better spent on a replacement AC system?
  • Noisy operation. Remember the good ol’ days when your current system was first installed, and how quietly it operated (assuming it was properly installed)? Well, the older a system gets, the more prone it becomes make unpleasant and persistent noises, like popping, banging, whirring, and the like. Noisy operation doesn’t necessarily indicate the need for a new system, but it is something you want to get checked out.
  • Hot and cold spots throughout your home. A well-designed AC system should provide equal amounts of cool air from one room to the next. If that how it used to be, but no longer is, then you have another reason to have the cause thoroughly investigated.
  • You want to contribute to a cleaner environment. Older AC systems use Freon as a refrigerant, while newer systems are equipped with the more eco-friendly r-410A which is not ozone depleting. Plus, the longer you hang onto your older system, the more expensive Freon charges are going to become.

If you’re AC system is coughing and wheezing up a storm, and no longer at peak efficiency, then it’s time to call the home comfort specialists at Boden so we can thoroughly inspect it and then give you our best recommendation: repair or replace. Contact us today for prompt, friendly, and dependable service.

The Benefits of an AC Tune-up in Kenwood and Napa

blogFolks in California no doubt have mixed feelings about the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

Yes, warmer and more pleasant weather is upon us, but will warmer also mean drier an further exasperate our extended draught?

As much as we’d all like to wave a magic wand and make it rain long and hard enough to bring about long-term relief, we can’t. So we have to go on living our lives, conserving water in every way possible, and preparing for the best of what summer has to offer.

One important way to prepare is with a pre-season AC system tune-up and inspection, professionally and reliably performed by Boden Plumbing Heating & Air. Our primary goal is preventative maintenance, meaning we tighten all the connections, check all the pressures, lube parts that need it, and more to ensure that when the hot weather finally arrives, your system is ready to give you a full season’s worth of indoor comfort and added peace of mind.

But that’s not all you can look forward to, as annual preventative maintenance also leads to:

  • Fewer repairs throughout the life of your system
  • Longer system lifespan
  • Elimination of hot and cold spots
  • Lower utility costs

There’s also a safety angle to our AC tune-up and inspection service. For one thing, we check all the electrical connections for any signs of loose or frayed wiring that could result in an electrical fire.

During our inspection, we also keep a watchful eye out for mold and mildew deposits that, unless cleaned up, could cause indoor air quality problems for you and other members of your family.

Bottom line, you have absolutely everything to gain by keeping your AC system in the best condition possible condition, and zero to lose. Has it been a year or more since the last time your system was professionally serviced? Then contact Boden today, and you’ll that much better prepared when it’s time to turn your AC system back on.