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How to Hire the Right Drain Cleaning Company

blogLou Holtz, the former head coach of the University of Notre Dame Football team, once said commented that even the person who graduates last from his or her medical school class gets called “doctor.” His point: just because you have a designation doesn’t mean you’re at the top of your game.

Well, the same goes for plumbers and drain cleaning companies. Here at Boden Plumbing, Heating & Air, are we at the top of our game? That’s not for us to decide. That’s for you to decide. But we can tell you this much: we’re well trained, all of our employees take part in continuing training and development, and we offer our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee which is a constant reminder to ourselves that being the best we can be matters. Just like being honest, fair, and reasonably priced.

And yet, when it comes to something as potentially messy, tricky, and inconvenient (for you) as a clogged sewer or drain, being highly trained and skilled isn’t enough. Lots of local plumbers are. But very of us have certain advanced tools that enable us to tackle even the most difficult jobs from start to finish. How does that benefit you? Because when you hire a drain cleaning company that can do it all, then you’re not going to have to pay two or more companies to do the same job.

So before you hire someone to clear, repair, or replace your problem sewer or drain, make sure they are fully capable AND equipped to get the job done with these advanced drain cleaning tools:

  • blog2In-line video drain inspection camera. Yes, we have these amazing tools as part of our drain cleaning arsenal. With them, we can pinpoint the exact location, extent, and cause of the problem. If, for example, we discover an underground sewer pipe crushed by a tree root, we know instantly that no amount of drain cleaning will solve the problem. That pipe will have to be repaired or replaced as needed, and the tree roots near or inside the sewer pipe removed. Plus, our drain video cameras come with playback units that allow us to record video and take snapshots for ongoing reference and to share with you so you can see what’s causing the problem firsthand.
  • High-pressure water jetter. Here’s another invaluable drain cleaning tool, one that can go far deeper into a sewer or drain line than any snake or auger. Our water jetters also have removable cutting blades that can be attached at the front of the spray nozzle to cut through any in-pipe tree or shrub roots. The high pressure flow of water right behind that blade then pushes everything through the drain line. At the same time, a second stream of water is sprayed backwards to help propel the hose through the line.

Not all drain jobs require the use of a video inspection camera or a high pressure water jetter. But what if it does? So before you pick up the phone to call for professional drain cleaning assistance, check out each company’s experience, licensing, and their resources. Or, you can save yourself all that trouble and just call Boden now – the company that has and does it all.