Common Furnace Repair Problems, and What Causes Them

You know when folks complain the absolute most about the heat? When it’s gone.

Which is why we most of us prefer summer over winter, and why we hate it when something goes wrong with our home heating system.

How can you tell if your furnace might need professional attention? Here are four of the most common symptoms of a furnace that’s seen better days:

  • blog“What’s all that racket?” – Furnaces weren’t built to be noisy, but through continued wear and tear and plain ol’ neglect, they can be downright raucous. Popping, wheezing, rattling, and banging – if you hear that or any other loud noise right away so we can quiet it down again and help prevent any further damage.
  • Hot over here, cold over there. – Hot and cold spots are another sign of a problem with your heating system, though not necessarily with the furnace. Let’s say, for example, that you have a two-zone system and temperatures are just fine in one zone but not so fine in the other. In that case, the problem is most likely confined to one of the thermostats.
  • Mega high heating bills. – The surest sign that something’s wrong with your heating system is when you start paying way more than usual to heat your home. Old age (the system’s) can cause that, as can a dirty or clogged filter. If, for example, your furnace is between 12 and 15 years old, your best bet might just be to replace it; because then, it could take as little as few years to pay for the new system in energy savings alone.
  • Lots more dust to contend with. – If you have a forced air heating system and all of sudden you find dusty furniture practically right after you’ve just dusted it, then you either have an excess of dust and other debris inside your ducts, a clogged filter, or dirt elsewhere in your heating system. It’s not good for your furniture, and it’s even worse for your health.

If you’re noticing any of these symptoms now, call us sooner than later and we’ll do our best to repair whatever’s gone wrong to spare you the expense of having to replace it. Or, better yet, contact us now BEFORE furnace problems crop up and we’ll do our best to make sure they don’t. How? With our multi-step furnace cleaning and inspection service. It’s designed to eliminate the need or at least the severity of repairs, lower your heating-related utility costs, and extend the effective lifespan of your furnace. Contact Boden Plumbing, Heating & Air for service now, and allow us to worry about the care and condition of your furnace. So you won’t have to.

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