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Nothing is more rewarding than meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations.


But glowing testimonials are not too far off. Here, we present several recent customer comments that typify what you can expect when you choose Boden for your plumbing, heating, or air conditioning needs.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.


Andy at Boden plumbing just did a fantastic job fixing a persistent sink leak, calcified tub stop and dripping shower and I am thrilled!

Andy is a top-notch professional who will brief you on exact costs to repair everything and truly knows what he is doing!  If they offered six stars, I would give Boden that rating!  Cannot say enough about Boden!

Thank you!

Ellen F.
San Francisco

I own a home that you would call a “fixer upper” and have had many issues with my plumbing. I have been through a fair share of contractors and plumbing companies and I have to say — Boden Plumbing is the BEST!  Every job done by Boden Plumbing has been impeccable.  The crew is efficient, punctual, friendly and very knowledgeable.  The last gentlemen that worked on my plumbing, described my situation in a way that I understood, and explained all the options that were available to me. Choose BODEN PLUMBING!

P.S. Love their shoe covers!

Holly H.
Glen Ellen

Boden Plumbing is hands down the best plumbing company in Sonoma Valley.  Very professional, courteous, attentive, and experienced.  They know how to treat their customers, new and old, old and young.

I had a main water line leak at my house that needed to be repaired and Terry and Casey were able to fit this in to their very busy schedule on one-day notice.  Casey came by early in the morning to layout where I needed to dig the trench through my front yard and then came by later to see if it was ‘good-to-go’ for him to come by the next day and install the new water line.  He took care of the job the next day, in a very short amount of time.

Thanks again Boden Plumbing!

Jesus F.

Our disposal finally bit the dust after several resuscitations over the last six months.  This a.m. I called Boden, whom we always use for our plumbing needs.  Chris, who also helped replace our kitchen sink faucet a while back, arrived promptly after lunch with a selection of disposals for us.  An hour later our new 3/4 horsepower Kitchen Aid Superba was installed and the antique antecedent removed from the premises.  No muss, no fuss…just satisfaction as usual.  What more can I say?  Oh, yes…a little pricey but always worth using the home town, Diamond Award winning team.  We’re dedicated customers here.

Marcus T.

One of the amazing things about living in Sonoma is the kindness of people and professionals here. We had a hot water heater leak this morning right in the middle of a very busy day. Boden’s plumber came out and smacked the hot water heater in just the right place with his wrench and made it all good again. He gave us a great education in hot water heaters, water softening, instant hot water heaters and how to get rid of that nasty film we get on glasses in the dishwasher. You bet we’ll be calling them back again when the time comes for some real repairs or upgrades. A toast to Boden!

Pat M.